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God's Transforming Truth
in Women's Fiction 

My stories show common human struggles and God's involvement. Like life, it mixes painful spiritual and emotional growth with humor, which sometimes comes in canine form.

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Ten Days to an Empty Tomb

Easter has always been my favorite holiday. I'm eager to share the days leading up to that victorious day. These easy-to-read poems reveal the tension building, the healings and deliverances that preceded the crucifixion and resurrection. 

Updates: the two readings this week went very well. Hearts were touched. There are two more readings during Holy Week, but as they are private events, I'm not publishing them. Prayers for them would be appreciated. My desire is always that God be glorified.

Newcomers Grace and her pastor father work to break the strongholds over the town. When the skeleton of a girl missing for ten years is found, Cody is the prime suspect. Together the two search for truth. What will be left when long-held secrets are exposed?

Happy Children
Sunset in the Woods
Woman in Suit
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Police Cars
Man in White Shirt

Kim, a widowed missionary harbors a secret that is destroying her faith. Her search for relief creates more problems. Will she find her way back to God?

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Deserted by her gambler husband, a destitute Trudy forges a good life with a new job, new friends, and a new faith. Will she risk everything for another chance to be with him?   


Children's Bible Story

A retelling of Jesus meeting with the rich young ruler. Illustrated

24 pages

8.5 x 8.5

Daily Devotional Poetry

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An Advent adventure  - a fresh look into events around Jesus' birth. 

40 pages

8.5 X 5.5 

A new perspective of the last days of Christ.  55pages

8.5 X 5.5

Full Spectrum Living is poems of God in everyday life and situations

82 pages

8.5 X 5.5

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My Story...

I live in the Midwest with my husband. Our lives our intertwined with the seasonal activities of the great outdoors.

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In 2020, we lost Jake, whose keen nose often got him into trouble. For years, he maintained the legacy of comic canine catastrophes our other beloved animals had set. It's why a dog always seems to find its way into my stories.

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Even so, my focus isn't on dogs, but people with human struggles who discover God's interest in rescuing all of us, especially from ourselves. Happy reading, and if anything touches you, I’d love to hear about it. Contact me at marymarieallen2015@gmail.com



·       Buried Truths and Treasure Coming in 2022

·       God’s Love Most Faithful 2021 softcover

·       God’s Love Most Faithful 2019 ebook

·       Flash Fiction Workshop 2018

·       The Invitation 2017 (Bible Story)

·       My Brush with Cancer 2016 (true-life miracle)

·       God's Love Most Gentle 2015 

·       Full Spectrum Living 2014  (Poetry) 

·       Ten Days to an Empty Tomb 2013 (Poetry) 

·       Journey to Christmas 2012 (Poetry) 

·       Commissioned poem displayed on

         Lincoln Highway Assn. kiosk at the

         La Porte Chamber of Commerce 2012

·       Contributor to Kernels of Hope 2011

·       La Porte County Poet Laureate 2010

·       Genesis finalist in Romantic Suspense 2009     

·       First VP of Indiana Chapter  of American                        Christian Fiction Writers, current member.


Flash Fiction Workshop 2018

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Mayor Milo dedicates Lincoln Highway Assn. kiosk with my poem at La Porte Chamber of Commerce 2012

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Author's Fair 2015

How important in God's scheme of things is this list to my story? Writing is my ministry. Read between the lines and see that for me, as for you, life is a journey.​ Together, as writer and reader, we make a team that can give God glory.

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My life 
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outside of books
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