Mary Marie Allen Author bio


  • The Invitation 2017 (Poetry/Bible Story)

  • My Health Journey 2016 (Four Months,Three ER visits, Two Surgeries, One Great Big God. My brush with cancer, a true life miracle).

  • God's Love Most Gentle 2015  (Women's Fiction)

  • Full Spectrum Living 2014  (Poetry)

  • Ten Days to an Empty Tomb 2013 (Poetry)

  • Journey to Christmas 2012 (Poetry)

  • Commissioned to write poem for Lincoln Highway Association 2011, displayed on kiosk at Chamber of Commerce at kiosk dedication 2012

  • Contributor of real life miracles  in Kernels of Hope 2011

  • La Porte County Poet Laureate 2010

  • Genesis finalist in Romantic Suspense 2009

  • Wrote features for La Porte Herald Argus, including a weekly community page with on-the-street interviews.

  • Judged writing and poetry competitions 

  • Blogged monthly on Hoosier Ink and  The Barn Door

  • Composed monthly newsletters for organizations

  • Taught workshops in elementary schools and at La Porte County Public Library: "Poetry in Songs"; “Turning Ideas into Poetry”; "Joy of Poetry" and spoke at various women's ministries

  • First Vice President of the Indiana Chapter of American Christian Fiction Writer, current member.

  • Member of American Christian Fiction Writers


  One of the things I've learned is not to take myself too seriously. Since I'm given to introspection, it's healthy for me to admit the ridiculous. Then when my name is publicly mis-spelled or I trip onstage, I can laugh and go on with my life. 

   Laughter can be a good defense. It reminds me to keep checking myself and asking, "How important is this in God's scheme of things?" I ask that same question about my accomplishments. I waver between wanting to yell hurrah to draw attention and thinking that it's no big deal. Anyway, here's a bit about the professional side of me and the books I've written.