Mary's Growing Dilemma


I thought surely God would announce it at temple aloud,

reveal it to good men by an angel on a cloud,

give insight to neighbors in an awestruck crowd,

at least that my parents and Joseph would be allowed.


Why are you silent, God?


Must I bear all the burden, all the shame,

and the ridicule of my good name?

How in the world can I explain

things are not the way they seem?


The child inside wasn't conceived

by manly force or a husband's need.

No, God himself did a miraculous deed

when the angel's words I dared to believe.


Yet rejection will become my lot

for though I'm pure, they'll think I'm not

and the promises of prophets are quickly forgot

when the handmaiden chosen is the girl down the block.


Why are you silent, God?




Journey to Christmas
"A great book to keep on the coffee table through each year's celebration of Christ's birth."                                                        -- Janene Grace, Illustrator