A No-snow Snowman

This craft is easy, fun to make, no snow required. It's much more fun if you invite a few friends over to share treats and talents. Allow three- four hours from start to finish.

The cost is $30 or less, depending on if you plan ahead and shop bargains. Supplies include two grapevine wreaths, one smaller than the other. About 15 feet of wire-edged burlap ribbon. a roll of floral wire. A sheet of colored felt for the mittens and another sheet of black for a stove pipe hat, if you choose. (To save some time you can purchase small mittens and/or a stocking cap.) The wooden letter.

If everyone brings their own felt, ribbon, and letter or other decoration, each will have something that fits the color scheme she chooses.

It's fun to have everyone bring to the table various bits of trim, beads, flowers, buttons, glitter and tempura paints to share. That way each snowman can be fancied up to the creator's taste. Each person should have a hot glue gun with glue sticks available and scissors. Another must-have on site is wire snips and pliers.

I made this snowman with bright yellow felt to welcome friends to our chocolate brown door. Unfortunately, the dark wreath didn't stand out well in that setting. It is much more lively decorating the kitchen wall. As an alternate idea, I could've sprayed or touched up the grapevine with white paint or white glue-glitter, which would've stood out against the brown door. My snowman is perfectly happy having moved indoors. He will however, one day have a pom to top his hat.


Paint a purchased letter of your family initial. Let it dry.

With floral wire wrap the two grapevine wreaths together, with the smaller one on top.

With wide burlap ribbon, cover the wiring. Hot glue to secure.

Using more wide burlap wrap and tie as you would a scarf with a bow. Hot glue to secure.

Cut from felt four mitten shapes. Hot glue together.

Hot glue a length of twine joining them. (as when your mother bought gloves that used to thread through your coat.)

Position and hot glue onto the lower grapevine.

Cut from felt 2 shapes of a stovepipe hat OR 2 rounded shapes, as in the above picture. Hot glue the edges, but leave the bottom open. When the glue is dry, stuff with cotton balls, batting, or newspaper. Hot glue in place on the top wreath.

Add trim and add finishing touches, hot gluing as needed.

You can twist floral wire to create a hanger on the back of the top wreath.

I hope you have as much fun putting this together as I had with friends. It's amazing to see the variety and personalities expressed with each of the snowmen/ snow ladies. They make great gifts, too.

Also posted on www.thebarndoor.net, a site about life in the Midwest.

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