My Life to Write

What does it take to be a writer these days? Let me tell you the name “writer” is far more accurate than “novelist” since a goodly portion of time an author is busy about writing-related stuff rather than actually penning the novel.

Besides figuring out if personal presence at books signings are advantageous, running herd on book selling and promotion sites are required. Today’s writers must also get Linkedin, Facebook, as well as tweet, Instagram, meme, and blog to draw attention to their website and hopefully net a few sales.

Of course, writers must be discreet. They can’t appear to be too desperate. They must cajole and entertain so those hitting their sites stay long enough to find out who they are, make connections, and decide to buy their book.

This promotional business used to be done in coffee shops with “angels” who’d finance publishing and advertising or in smoky editorial rooms with grumpy old men who might simply pitch the manuscript in the trash. As scary as that was, at least authors were face to face with Goliath and (perhaps) knew where they stood. Now it’s done with a great amount of anonymity while compelling authors to reveal the very essence of their souls for authenticity's sake.

The good news is books are being read. In print, as e-books or audio books, people are devouring literature. Christian literature. A well-told story with memorable characters is enjoyed and treasured. This is the pay-off for all the extra work required. People, from further away than ever thought possible, write reviews on sales sites, comment on blogs and Facebook posts, or tweet back. Readers forward the book info to others as suggested reading, thus influencing them to read.

This novelist chafes at the amount of hours spent away from a manuscript. Yet, it’s a joy when all those hours mean people actually read the completed book and ask for more. So, I’ve entered the 21st century. Science fiction is now reality. Years ago I exchanged my pencil for a computer. Now, Search Engine Optimization makes life immensely easier and seriously more complicated, but it’s my life to write and I claim it.

If you have read this far – welcome! Welcome to my world of writing and living. I’ll be sharing my journey as I write the sequel to God’s Love Most Gentle, just as readers have asked me to do.

This book is a from-scratch recipe I’m making up as I go instead of one I've thought about for years. I have an idea – A woman learns to trust God when financial disaster befalls because of her husband’s gambling addiction. I have a title: God’s Love Most Faithful.

What I need is a scripture verse, one that hasn’t been overused. What do you suggest? Be sure to include the verse, reference, and the Bible version. And if you want to tell me how God has used the verse to see you through a financial disaster, I’d love to rejoice with you.

'Til next time... Mary Marie

#WorkinProgress #WritingJourney #GodsLoveMostFaithful

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