A Hot Time at the Ice Worm Festival

Some of my family left this past week for a Florida vacation missing out on the annual ice worm festivities in Cordova Alaska . Never fear! Perhaps next year we can charter a Cardinal bus for a week so we don’t miss the Miss Ice Worm Queen competition, the Ice Worm Fireworks Extravaganza, or the Ice Worm Variety Show.

Now some of you may scoff at Ice Worm festivities, but truthfully, wherever people live they look for opportunities to socialize. If you lived in Cordova you too would’ve headed down to the Ice Worm Breakfast at the church.

This past weekend in my hometown it reached high 30’s. Far too warm for ice worms to survive. They need 32 degrees to be comfortable and heat from a human touch can kill them. Twenty-four hours before I wrote this, I didn’t even know there were such creatures. God certainly filled this world with strange, wondrous (and creepy) creatures. I think I’ll stick to reading and writing about relationships because to my way of thinking people are weirder than ice worms.

New books I’ve read this month included In This Moment by Karen Kingsbury, The House of Unexpected Sisters by Alexander McCall Smith, and The Midnight Line by Lee Child. The first was about a man standing up for his religious freedom in current day American, the second covers dealing with shocking revelation that a sibling exists, and the third was a revealing hunt for a disfigured, war veteran dealing a permanent painful infection and drug addiction. I also re-read Brandilyn Collins Color the Sidewalk For Me, about forgiveness, control, and God’s timing, which inspired me years ago when I first read it.

As for writing, I have a few scenes in my head for my current work in progress (WIP). I’m pulling all the Trudy scenes from “God’s Love Most Gentle” to review them and be sure I’m writing her true to character in the sequel. This is where the reader first meets Trudy and is told from Carol’s point of view. They’re in the local pharmacy to pick up medicine for Carol’s poison ivy. The old, reliable pharmacist has retired. Carol is a widow of five years and having trouble re-entering the dating scene so Trudy decides to help.

The pharmacist leaned over the counter toward Carol in a friendly manner and winked. “Keefer Farraday. Single. From Ohio. How about dinner?”

Carol’s eyes widened and her mouth opened, shut, and opened again. “What?”

Trudy’s hand was hot on the small of her back, shoving her forward. “She’d love to, Keefer. What did you have in mind?”

“A Taste of Thai. Tonight. Six?”

“Make it At Home in Italy and you’ve got yourself a date,” Trudy said. Her brownish-green eyes gleamed. Carol’s head swung back and forth as they made plans for her.

“At Home in Italy. Great. Pick you up. Quarter to six.” He winked.

Carol stuffed the I.D. into her purse with the change. The bag crinkled as she twisted it. She shook her head. Before she could get the word ‘no’ out, Trudy shoved her through the perfume department and out the automatic doors into a brilliant, warm, fall day. “Stop manhandling me Trudy, and I can make my own dates.”

“Sure you can, but you don’t.”

“I itch like crazy.”

“Exactly why you should get out and think about something else.”

“I don’t want to go.”

The car lock clicked as Trudy punched the code into the door pad. “Think of it as a practice run. You don’t want to go so it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t like you.”

Carol straightened and stared at Trudy. “What do you mean? Why wouldn’t he like me?”

Do you have a close friend like Trudy who sometimes pushes you to where you should go, but are afraid to walk?

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