5 Crazy Things about March

Some important days in March include National Banana Cream Pie Day, which coming after the Debbie Downer of February is a big encouragement, and National Read Across America. These two fall on March 2 so if you can't indulge in pie you can have some pie-in-the-sky moments with your favorite book. Now that's what I call good planning!

The 4th through the 10th of March was Read an e-book Week. I missed this opportunity to offer free downloads of my book "Ten Days to an Empty Tomb" with a newsletter sign-up. I was too busy preparing for the family to come midweek to celebrate my mother's birthday. The birthday, an annual March event, was a grand time. Lots of preparatory work so that the night of the party would be easy on the hostess. I am eternally grateful to my mom for being born because, if she hadn't, I wouldn't be here, my kids and grand kids wouldn't be here and, not to brag, but we're all pretty wonderful people.

Next week is National Crossword Puzzle Week. i wonder if the timing is related to March Madness pre-empting Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! . "They" let you know ahead of time so you can root through your elderly neighbor's recycling for the local newspaper which still prints crossword puzzles. Of course, if you're tech-savy, or at least know how to turn a computer on, you can choose websites with puzzles. I don't do that anymore because every time I did within a month my computer went on the blitz. I think "they" sabotage me because I refuse to sign up with "them" and only go on as a guest. Don't tell anyone. I think it's a conspiracy, just like the time change. I'm reconciled to that fact of life, but a lot of people still get their knickers in a twist.

On a side-note, I was in my early forties before I learned that March Madness meant basketball tournaments. This may give you a skewed view of my outlook on sports. I'm not against sports. I even like basketball. It's just I'm against spectating and I'm certainly not going out on the court to dribble and shoot. I get enough of that when I visit my family between the baby (dribbling) and the teens (shooting off at the mouth). I'm exaggerating a bit. My grands are all perfect people, as I may have mentioned before.

As I type, the aroma of corned-beef is wafting through the house, so I can't forget to mention St. Patrick's Day, patron saint of boozing it up, which is why '"they" have no problem promoting the holiday on national TV instead of denigrating the religious aspect of it as they do any Christian holiday that is Christ-centered. I'm not sure if this is the same "they" that conspired against my computer, so don't go spreading that blarney.

I just finished watching "Fork Over Knife" on Netflix about the health evils of over-consuming meat. Take away: 5% of animal based foods in the diet is sustainable. At 20% the cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and a host of other health concerns kill you. So I'm going to add lots of cabbage and potatoes and slice the corned-beef thin more for flavoring than for consumption. Hmm. Do you think my meat-eating hubby will notice?

Oh, and, because I'm feeling generous in the brilliant sunshine today. I am offering a free e-book of "Ten Days to an Empty Tomb". This easy-to-read poetry chronicles the last ten days of Jesus life through the eyes of those around him. You won't be sorry. It will give you a fresh perspective. Just leave a comment requesting it and I'll send it to you as a thank you and please go to marymarieallen.com to sign up to receive my monthly newsletter.

Keep marching through this month. April flowers are coming. I know because the buds are already pushing up and a single crocus bloomed in the sunny part of my yard. We're almost to Spring. "Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth." Hosea 6:3

Until Next Time.... Mary

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